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    5173 Online: B1+ English discussions about precious metals, crypto currencies and other financial tools

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    Freitag den 07.05.2021 um 13:00 Uhr

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    02:00 Unterrichtseinheiten

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    "The only constant is change" (Heraclitus, Greek philosopher of around 500BC). This quote is especially relevant today. I think it is safe to say there has been some big changes over the last 12 months. This course is focussed on the topic of finance and where we see the world going. The aim is to create a space where we can share our views on the current monetary systems, why things such as bitcoin are so popular, whether we think gold and silver will return to play a bigger part in the future and many other fascinating talking points. You will be able to improve your ability to present opinions in English while discussing topics that will are relevant and will affect all of us. If you have an interest in this topic, would like discuss and debate different points of view or simply listen to what other people think, then sign up today! Dieser Kurs wird über das Tool ZOOM abgehalten, geben Sie daher bitte bei der Anmeldung unbedingt Ihre E-Mail-Adresse bekannt.

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    Hancock Charles

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